Now that's I call winning!!!!!

Yes, that is what i call winning with a lots of loot and three stars (click here for more)

We love Clan Wars

We always lead by victory. so far it was not so easy but we finally did it we got 16 victory in time of 1and half month . Awesome be best by join us. Hope we see u at there (click here for more)

Got wrecked by Big Bang

Epic Victory from our clan! 22-2 and totally wrecked the enemy clan. Earned 126 XP for our Clash of Clans Clan! (click here for more)

We dominate Clash of Clans

We are warrior of bang who was a big dream. Dream that rule every clan from coc. Don't worry we just open our clan 1month ago but we already win 9 war! (click here for more)

“This world is a jungle, you either fight or run forever” ( © Unknown )